Back to School


We’re helping kids go back to school! School is often an exciting time for children who have been affected by family violence, poverty or any kind of upheaval. It can bring a sense of normality, routine and stability. School helps children reconnect with their friends and have a sense of belonging and community.

Unfortunately, school costs can also add stress and financial pressure to families and if you’ve got more than one child it becomes even harder to manage.

This year, for our fourth year, we’re supporting kids from MDM Women's Refuge and from as many schools as we can, go back to school. Help kids be set up for success with uniforms, shoes, socks, bags, lunch boxes, stationery and digital devices by donating $25.

Lou Reddy, Principal of Wesley Primary, a recipient school from last year, shares how last year’s donations helped their kids.

"We are so thankful for the koha towards stationary costs because, for many of our families, it stops them from starting school on time at the beginning of the year. Our team and I are so thankful for this help as it will make learning truly equitable and accessible for all our students".  

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