What's in a food box?


We often get asked what food items we need that go into food boxes, so here is a list of what we go through each day.

What's in a food box? We go by the Kore Hiakai Zero Hunger Collective guidelines with portions of vegetables, grains, dairy, fruit, and protein to ensure a family of four has what they need for three days for each meal.

Because we also believe that moments of joy and comfort (especially in a storm) are important, we add a few treats like muesli bars, cookies and chocolate. Treats go on the top, so if kiddos open the boxes the exciting stuff is the first thing they see, making it feel less like receiving "charity".


Fruit 410 g can

Spaghetti 420 g can

Baked Beans 420 g can

Tinned meat 340 g can

Coconut Cream 400 ml can

Diced Tomatoes 400 g can

Pasta Sauce 420 g can

Tuna 185 g can

Mackerel 425g can

Instant Noodles 5 pack

Oats 500 g bag

Pasta 500 g bag

Rice 500 g bag

Cereal 300 g bag/box (750g Weetbix)

Cooking Oil 500 ml bottle

White sugar 500 g bag

Flour 1.5 kg bag

Peanut Butter 375 g jar

Jam 500 g jar

Muesli Bar 6 pack

UHT Milk 1 l

Milo 310 g bag

Tea Bags 30 box

Coffee, Instant 100

Get in touch if you’d like your workplace or school community to do a collection!

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