We're proud to partner with Tegel to support over 27,000 families every year with great quality, fresh chicken and food.

Every week Tegel provides our Community Hub with over 400 fresh chickens or chicken products which we then pass on to families in need through our Everyday Essentials programme. Tegel supports our special community events that we sponsor, chicken for our community partners and helps us keep the lights on at our Community Hub which houses all our programmes and food bank.

Tegel also joins our fundraising initiatives, helps out at The Christmas Joy Store and even threw a fantastically successful charity golf day for us which raised over $76,000! We couldn't do what we do without their support, and are grateful that this well-loved Kiwi business helps us feed so many families in need every year.

“We got involved with the Kindness Collective because we think their work changes lives, and because we feel we have a lot in common. The Tegel brand is about feeding Kiwis every day, but some Kiwis don’t get to eat every day. So, every week a Tegel truck arrives at KC HQ and the chicken in that truck feeds New Zealanders in need. There is just so much to be done to help people that don’t have enough, and at Tegel we are really proud that we can help by supporting the amazing work KC do every day".
Yvonne van Nes, Tegel Chief Commercial Officer
“Kai Avondale, including Feed the Streets (community meals) and Free Guys (social supermarket), are very grateful to the Kindness Collective for their generosity to help local families facing difficult choices on extremely limited budgets. Through the contributions from KC and those individuals and companies like Tegel who support, our Avondale-based organisations have been able to deliver more than we originally planned to the people we support”.
Anne Riley, Kai Avondale
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