Wear Kindness

Wear Kindness on the outside, too!

Every year we partner with a kind brand, creators and artists to produce a range of clothing so you can wear kindness on the outside, too!

In October 2022, we collaborated with three wāhine Māori artists, Kiri Nathan, Lissy Cole and Māori Mermaid to create stunning tee shirts that were sold to raise money for the Christmas Joy Store. The campaign was fronted and modelled by former Board Member Kanoa Lloyd and was celebrated in various media publications including Viva. They were a hit and sold out within a month!

In April 2023 we partnered with loved Kiwi brand, Postie, to design and produce our very own pair of limited edition pyjamas. The PJs were sold online and in-stores throughout winter and we sold 11,000 pairs in 7 weeks!

In 2024 we'll be working with another loved Kiwi business to produce a range of winter clothing to be sold around the country.

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