Winter Warmth

Helping whānau keep warm and stay well over Winter.

Over 143,700 kids are living in poverty. This means 1 in 8 children go without the day-to-day necessities, including access to food, shelter, healthcare and warmth.

Evidence shows being cold can have a detrimental effect on health, school attendance and overall wellbeing for children in poverty and as the cost-of-living continues to climb, many families will experience these adverse effects.

This winter, we're working with The Warehouse Group and other businesses within our community to heat up Kiwi homes and help whānau keep warm and well over the winter months.

We'll be announcing how we'll be doing this in May 2024.

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"Nana has care of her grandchildren and was blown away by the fact the pjs were brand new, how soft they were and how excited her mokopuna were to receive them. She shared with me that they rushed to get into the shower so that they could put their new pjs on. They were also able to sleep in their own beds rather than bed share because they were warm enough with the extra layer the pjs provided. Your generosity is having an immediate impact on our whānau".
Social Worker, Pillars
"They are going to tamariki who are currently living in emergency accommodation in dreary motels; two brothers who recently lost all their belongings in a familial theft; children who have disabilities; tamariki who have never owned new clothes plus many more who are living in absolute poverty where their caregiver has to juggle their paltry benefit day-to-day".
Birth Right, Wellington
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