We're extremely proud to work with LEGO to give children all over New Zealand moments of joy, and access to education and play.

Every year we're providing over 20,000 children from all over the country with LEGO. At Christmas, the shelves of the Christmas Joy Store are stocked with brand new sets of all ranges, ages and themes for parents to choose for their children, and LEGO makes up 1/4 of the amount of toys given out.

Our Kindness Cup programme and school community is supported with new sets and bricks, and every year we're sending out bulk bricks and education packs to over 100 schools and 50 early childhood education centres.

Lastly, LEGO supports our Everyday Essentials programme with sets for children going through treatment in hospitals, and who are supported by Police and Social Workers in the community.

Working with LEGO is a dream come true for our team and organisation, and we're incredibly proud and grateful to be able to share so much joy with so many children.

"Having LEGO donated to our centre opened up a new world for our tamariki, and how we can teach them! LEGO helps calm our anxious children with higher sensory needs, it bonds groups of tamariki together teaching them how to cooperate, take turns and build something together. It's also helped support language development, and the children's fine-motor skills. What we love the most is it develops our children's creative ability. Thank you LEGO!".
Emma-Jane Jones, Nga Taonga Aroha Early Childhood Education Centre
"We are very proud to work with Sarah and the incredible team at the Kindness Collective. The impact they have in children’s lives through schools and community groups is exceptional and strongly aligned to the values of the LEGO Group, in helping support the builders of tomorrow. As a longstanding partner of LEGO New Zealand, we look forward to continuing to support the great work they do in the community".
Troy Taylor, General Manager, LEGO Australia and New Zealand
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