Kindness Cup

Fostering kindness in tamariki and schools.

Children learn to be kind to the people around them and their surroundings. Developing the ability to be kind and empathetic is a skill we want children to practice so it becomes natural behaviour as an adult.

We also know not every child in the school environment has the ability or resources to be an academic, an athlete or hold talents in music or art. We recognise that for many children, having the resource to excel in these activities is often not available to them.

How it works:

Each school is given a beautiful trophy, certificates and LEGO to award to a child who has shown kindness, empathy, care or service to people or the planet. The children are presented with the trophy and LEGO at an assembly in front of their peers.

By acknowledging kindness, we are also fostering a conversation within school communities about what matters, and that kindness is worth celebrating and encouraging.

By making the Kindness Cup available to all children, we hope to create more opportunities to show kindness in the playground and at home.

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"The kudos that goes with being a Kindness Cup recipient makes it a huge incentive for our children to emulate our core values and respect".
Waikowhai Primary School
"Since the introduction of the Kindness Cup we’ve noticed parents’ involvement in praising manaakitanga".
Rosebank School
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